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Treatment Areas: Speech - Apraxia of Speech

Lannon Twomey: Speech Pathology With A Difference

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (also called Developmental Verbal Apraxia) is a neurological disorder resulting in difficulty sequencing and coordinating the motor movements necessary for speech production. Childhood Apraxia of Speech is not a condition children typically outgrow. With a wide variety of treatment programs available, children often benefit from intensive, individualized speech therapy.

A child with Childhood Apraxia of Speech may have:

  • significantly compromised speech intelligibility.
  • difficulty producing vowels as well as consonant sounds.
  • inconsistent errors.
  • increase in frequency of errors as utterance increases in length and complexity.
  • delayed onset of speech.
  • difficulty with volitional, self-initiated utterances rather than rote or modeled utterances.
  • slow, choppy or monotone speech.
  • groping or observable physical struggle with speech production.

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