Lannon Twomey: Speech-Language Pathologist

Treatment Areas: Language - Word Retrieval Deficits

Lannon Twomey: Speech Pathology With A Difference

Word retrieval is the cognitive act of selecting and using a known and understood word in isolation or during a conversation. Also called "word-finding," word retrieval difficulties impact everyone at one time or another; however a child with a word retrieval disorder experiences these problems frequently throughout the day. These impact the child’s ability to relay his/her thoughts and ideas effectively.

A child with word retrieval deficits may:

  • have difficulty "finding" a known word on demand or during spontaneous language given a sufficient amount of time.
  • frequently pause at the beginning or in the middle of his/her utterance when word retrieval difficulties arise.
  • have difficulty retrieving answers on tests/quizzes.
  • show improvement in using the word given semantic, phonemic, or gestural cues.
  • use word substitutions that are phonemically or semantically similar.
  • use fillers such as, "uh, um" or unspecific words such as, "thing," "stuff," or unreferentiated pronouns (those, them, there).