Lannon Twomey: Speech-Language Pathologist

Treatment Areas: Language - Language Processing Disorders

Lannon Twomey: Speech Pathology With A Difference

Language processing refers to the ability to attach meaning to and/or express a message by integrating both content (word knowledge) and form (grammar and morphology). It involves both comprehending (understanding) and formulating (expressing) language.

A child with a language processing disorder may:

  • have difficulty following directions, especially as they become longer or more complex.
  • demonstrate word retrieval difficulties.
  • use words that are similar to but not as appropriate as intended words.
  • use non-specific words such as, "thing" or "stuff."
  • have difficulty correcting errors in comprehension or expression.
  • seem to forget information recently taught.
  • frequently state, "I don't know" or provide no response.
  • use subvocalization to repeat what he or she heard.
  • pause before or during verbal expression.