Lannon Twomey: Speech-Language Pathologist

Treatment Areas: Language - Expressive Language Impairments

Lannon Twomey: Speech Pathology With A Difference

Expressive language relates to a person's ability to share his or her thoughts, ideas or feelings in an organized and grammatically appropriate way. A child with expressive language needs often uses language that lacks appropriate grammar, word order, sequence or specificity. Very young children may demonstrate expressive language difficulties that are characterized as "delayed" and often result in frustration for the child.

A child with expressive language difficulties may have:

  • delayed emergence of first words.
  • delayed use of two-word combinations (typically by age 2).
  • difficulty using appropriate grammar.
  • difficulty answering questions.
  • difficulty relating ideas and relaying events in an organized and sufficient way.
  • difficulty organizing, sequencing, and developing stories.
  • difficulty with word retrieval.