Lannon Twomey: Speech-Language Pathologist

Treatment Areas: Language - Receptive Language Impairments

Lannon Twomey: Speech Pathology With A Difference

Receptive language refers to a person's ability to understand or comprehend language. Difficulty with comprehension of conversations, stories, questions and directions can significantly impact a person's ability to effectively communicate with others. Children with receptive language challenges often struggle with accessing instruction in the classroom and are often characterized as having a "Specific Language Impairment" (SLI) or "Communication Disability".

A child with receptive language difficulties may have trouble:

  • following directions/commands.
  • understanding wh- questions.
  • understanding what is being said or following a conversation.
  • understanding a story that is read or heard.
  • understanding and identifying vocabulary.
  • understanding implicit information, figurative language, or humor.